BEATJOHNMcCAIN.COM – proving daily he will not tolerate conservatives and thinks liberals “honorable.” Thanks Mac!


As Communications Director for NC Bush Quayle in 1992, it was obvious who was working for us and who was working against us in the campaign. And no one…absolutely NO ONE was as big a problem nationally for the campaign as Arizona’s John McCain. It was his devastating work that cut the conservative legs (already wobbly from having GHW Bush on the top of the ticket) out from under the campaign and propelled fake “centrist” Bill Clinton into the White House. It was during that terrible campaign that McCain became the darling of the media.

I knew then…8 years ahead of Rush and most conservatives…what I know now…that he is the most dangerous man in the Republican Party. This makes him one of the most dangerous men in the country. He is no Maverick…being anti conservative is the MOST GUTLESS thing you can be in Washington. He is simply a product of the media-political cabal that run D.C.

Being anti McCain was lonely until the primary season of 2000…when Rush and others finally got it about McCain. (Gordon Liddy is still clueless). CFR woke some others up. Now the chorus is growing. FINALLY!

This man has been who he is for years. His whole career has been made fighting against what us as Reagan conservatives stand for…and he has the unmitigated gall to claim the Reagan mantle.

Maybe the Michael Reagan mantle.

So this is a challenge some 16 years in the making. It’s fun, it’s funny and it’s important. Join us on this journey. You’ll laugh and learn….and feel like you’re on the cutting edge.

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